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Campus Ministry

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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With the coming of warmer weather in Rutherford County comes the busyness of the home buying and staging season! Niki Hensley of The Hensley Group knows all about that as she's right in the middle of Home Staging and Real Estate Investing with her husband, Eric. While she's seeing lots of business investments come and go, she's in on an even bigger investment -- personally investing in the lives of teenage girls on the softball team at LaVergne High School.

Niki has served as the FCA Character Coach for the softball team for a few months now, and says spending time with the athletes is her favorite part of serving in the role. She adds that she enjoys being a Character Coach because FCA puts Christ in places where He is not normally found.

"I wish I had a Character Coach in high school," she says, adding that she ran track and participated in Cross County. "So I decided, 'Why not go back to my high school and be that person that I needed, be that person for someone else.'"

Niki enjoys sharing Jesus with others and follows Him in her life because she says, "He has came through time and time again in my life and in the lives of those around me.  He gives me joy and hope in my life."

Niki's favorite Bible story is about Daniel.  In the Bible the story of Daniel in the lions' den in chapter 6 is paired with the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the "fiery furnace" in Daniel 3.  The stories include the jealousy of the non-jews, a kingly ruling requiring Jews to compromise their religion on pain of death, and divine deliverance.

Niki and her husband, Eric, have been married for nine years. They have three children, Caroline, 8, Averie, 7, and Christian, 5.  Niki enjoys running, working, and hanging out with the family.  Other favorites include:

Food: Tacos

Candy: Chocolate

Season: All of them!

In this busy spring season, we know a lot can be going on.  We appreciate all of our Character Coaches like Niki who take time to invest in the lives of our Middle Tennessee teenagers. Thank you for the love and support you show to our future generations. 

FCA Campus Ministry


FCA Campus Ministry

The FCA Campus Ministry can take on one of the following forms:

Huddles- A regularly scheduled gathering for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship, outreach and fellowship using the platform of athletics. 


Team Bible Studies- A targeted study within a unique team setting/environment that encourages and challenges team members to live and compete according to biblical principles.


Coaches Bible Studies- A targeted study within a unique coach's setting/environment that encourages and challenges coaches to live and compete according to biblical principles.


Character Coaches- A relationship driven ministry that reaches a specific team (athletes & coaches) through chapel meetings and spiritual/character development.


We have created an entire online platform called Campus 101 so you can learn how to do Campus Ministry. It's designed to give every athlete, coach, and volunteer a place to go and learn about what FCA campus ministry is and more importantly, how to do it effectively. Learn more at FCA Campus 101.

FCA Huddle Coach Information:  Huddle Coaches, please fill out and send to Click here: FCA Huddle Coach Information.docx

Want to know more about being a Character Coach?

Click here for more details about what a Character Coach is!

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Huddle Leader Training

In April, Christa Lanier, our area Campus Huddle Specialist, held a student leader training at Cannon County High School for the FCA student huddle leaders. They worked through a strategy on how to organize a full year of huddle meetings and how to communicate their testimony in order to effectively share their God story with their peers.  They also discussed ways to reach out to the other students, athletes, teachers and coaches at CCHS to show God’s love, ways to serve in their community, and how the FCA Bible is a wonderful tool to grow both personally and as leaders for Christ. 

The students are excited about sharing with others. This year there are several students from CCHS who are also interested in attending Competitor's Camp in June at Johnson University. They are excited about what they will learn to bring back to their school and help lead others to the Lord.

FCA Character Coaches

FCA Character Coaches or Team Chaplains are an extension of the FCA Campus Ministry. They are led by a FCA Volunteer or Staff Member. A FCA Character Coach/Chaplain can serve any athletic team on campus. They work in conjunction with the coach to schedule regular times to provide a team devotional and/or Bible Study that has voluntary player attendance. 

Currently we have 47 FCA Character Coaches on campuses throughout Rutherford County!!

If you are a COACH that would like a FCA CHARACTER COACH/TEAM CHAPLAIN, or if you are a volunteer who would like to learn more about this very effective program, please contact Chel Dill at