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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Spotlight on a Coach

Coach Jerry Chestnutt has been coaching for 32 years in Rutherford County Schools. He is the Girls Basketball coach and assistant in football and baseball at Rockvale Middle School. He recently started a FCA Huddle after the school had not had one in a few years. When ask why did you want to help get FCA started he said "People ask me several times over the years, so I guess it was God talking to me."

Coach Chestnutt said he wanted to be a coach because he loves sports. He played football, basketball and ran track in high school and says that he loves to compete which is his favorite part of being a coach. He is also a graduate of MTSU. 

"We always have a full room. I thought after a few meetings, students would stop coming, but no, they want the word." Coach Chestnutt says "FCA helps me grow as a person and helps students get the word of God." which is his favorite part of FCA.

Other Favorites of Coach Chestnutt:

Bible Verse? John 3:16. we all learn this verse, when were in elementary school. It was the first verse I learned.

Sport? Football

Food? Fried chicken

Candy? Hershey with almond

Movie? I love western movies.

Season? Winter

Thing to do? I love selling ribs out of my food truck during the summer and vegetable gardening.

I follow Jesus because? I want to stay close to Him.

Thanks Coach Chestnutt for the Strong Impact and Influence you are having on the student athletes at Rockvale Middle School!