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College Advance

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA College Advance 2020

MTSU Student Athletes - FCA College Advance -- Always Advancing, Never Retreating!

February 14-16th, 2020

New Location - Camp Garner Creek, Dickson TN

Speaker - Frank Reynoso

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Cost is $130 per person....If you would like to sponsor a college athlete to attend, please click the donate tab or mail check to FCA, 2721A Middle TN Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN 37130. Include "Sponsor College Advance in the memo".

Here are a few quotes from the athletes from last years weekend:

"This weekend was a great experience! I have learned so much about myself and my walk with God. I asked God to forgive me from all my sins so I can start living how he wants me to live."

"For me it was a really great experience to meet awesome people that are so understanding and encouraging. I really felt like it was changing the way I think about myself and my faith."

"Coming into FCA camp I had some doubts about Christ and struggles with self worth. At camp I started to get my fire back for Jesus, but was still not 100% confident in my identity in Christ. During the last sermon Pastor Frank said "stand up if you feel like you have the fear of falling back right into what you were doing before" (not living for Christ) and I felt myself immediately rise to my feet. I didn't even think about it, I just felt the spirit lift me to my feet. I'm not usually one to cry for help or talk about what is really going on. Once I was standing he told everyone around me to lay their hands on me and assure me that they were here to walk with me. God knew that I needed community to help me through my walk and rose me to my feet. I have never felt so loved with everyone's hands on me, praying for me and I started to cry, which I don't usually do. After that we went to our huddles and I opened up to my group about my true feelings and why I stood up. It felt super good to get it off my chest. i know it will be tough to keep my eyes on Jesus, but now I know I have some awesome teammates to help me through my walk with Christ all thanks to FCA camp."

"This weekend means so much to me. This is my third time going, and I look forward to it every year. I've been struggling with feeling like an outsider and feeling alone this school year. At college, I'm almost ashamed of who i am and feel like I'm not good enough for the people around me. I'm afraid to be me because people will think I'm a loser, and I'm not fun or cool because i don't do all the things you would normally do in college. And to be around people on fire for Jesus, I can just be my true self and people won't judge me or think I'm lame for doing so."

"FCA Camp was really awesome this year. It was amazing how vulnerable everyone was with one another and God really just showed again how good He is always. During the girl time John 17 hit my heart in a whole new way and it's amazing how much God's love really is unwavering. I'm excited to see what He does the rest of the semester in my heart and my teammates hearts!"

"My favorite parts of College Advance were the competitions as well as hearing how God has affected and helped so many people through their struggles and hardships. Hearing some of their stories, I know that if God can help them through their struggles He can help me through mine."

"FCA Camp was definitely something I've never experienced before. It really opened my eyes about Jesus Christ and what it really means to be a FOLLOWER of Christ. It has also reassured me that what I've been doing in the past is something God praises and just knowing that will help me continue in the future. I can proudly say I have become a bigger believer because of this camp."

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