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Amber's Adventure To Haiti

Amber Hoot, MTSU FCA Huddle President and Soccer Athlete, tells us about her adventure this summer to Haiti.

"This summer I had the opportunity to go to Bon Repos in Haiti. For the past year I had felt God changing my heart to see more of His great purpose of bringing all nations, peoples, and languages to Himself and going on a missions trip of some capacity was something I felt He was leading me into. Going to Haiti in itself was an example of His great faithfulness. While in Haiti, there were so many different emotions to wrestle with. We spent a great deal of time with the same 10 kids who all were in or had previously been in a children’s home that the mission we were with has called the Lighthouse. Their ages ranged from 12 to 23 and they all were so unique. We had a girls’ night with the Lighthouse girls where we played goofy games, put on pasty face masks, and laughed until we all had abs. Afterwards we all agreed that any language barrier present had nothing on Christ’s love. I remember being so torn between singing and dancing with them in fullness of joy and also being so heartbroken at the fact that they were orphans. They did nothing to be in the situation they were born into. I did nothing to be in the situation I was born into. How could this make sense?

This tension in emotions continued throughout most of the trip as we met so many brothers and sisters in Christ whose lives spoke of the faithfulness and goodness of God. All week I was so blown away by the power of Christ’s love expressed through His church. We stood in worship singing “How Great is our God”- our team singing in English while the Haitians sang in Creole. Oh what a beautiful image of the kingdom to come! One evening, we hiked up behind the hill that the school and church were on. As I looked over the landscape, it was like being blown away by the beautiful mountains and waters but then being so awakened by the condition of the housing (or lack thereof) and the waste and broken sidewalks. There was so much physical brokenness but oh so much beauty.

After church on Sunday, a few of us were able to visit the home of the youth pastor, John, from the church. He and his wife and son welcomed us so lovingly into their small, concrete home and offered all the chairs they had so we could sit. As we talked with them, Pastor John offered us some beautiful advice. He said, “Trust God always. His will for your life is always better. Always pray. Never stop praying because there is power in prayer.” They invited us to come to their youth group next trip and said “There will be no Haitian or American, black or white. There will be one heart in Christ.” Before we left, we all gathered into what would look like one group hug and prayed and prayed and prayed. My American sister was on my right and my Haitian sister was on my left.

As I’ve reflected on my time in Haiti, there is one lesson that has stuck out the most. The most beautiful and powerful place for anyone or anything to be is completely surrendered into God’s hands. His faithfulness far surpasses any brokenness or death we could face. Surrendering to God is never truly a sacrifice, because what He promises we will walk into is always immeasurably more than what we could be walking away from. Haiti faces different problems than we do in America, that is for certain. But the same truth persists- Christ is better. He provides adoption for the orphan, water for the thirsty, rest for the weary, and forgiveness for the sinner. And one day, He promises to bring all nations to Himself in unity, worshiping our faithful Father whose love endures forever. That promise was true with Abraham and that promise stands true today. Pray for Haiti. Pray for our brothers and sisters across the nations. As we get ready for another year here at MTSU, I pray that the Holy Spirit would really awaken our hearts to see His beautiful faithfulness and that we would surrender more and more not because of our own steadfastness but because of His. May we give all of FCA to His hands completely and stand in awe of how great He is!! Please pray that with me!"           Amber Hoot